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3BEA is committed to providing professional service for our clients.  Our extensive and diverse experience can be seen below in the examples of projects we are capable of conducting, including past or upcoming projects.




Plant and Wildlife Surveys




3BEA has a comprehensive knowledge on species identification.  Using physical attributes, vocalization patterns, habitat characteristics and seasonal patterns we are able to identify organisms and assess their role and importance in the environment.  Following the initial survey, protection strategies can be developed for any identified species at risk.



Species at Risk

Relocation Projects




3BEA is qualified in species at risk relocations required by regulatory agencies in areas of development. Our team provides knowledge and support of the appropriate protocols involved with development in environmentally sensitive areas.


During the summer of 2015 our team will be conducting a mussel relocation, following the Protocol for the Detection and Relocation of Freshwater Mussel Species at Risk in Ontario-Great Lakes Area (OGLA), developed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. This relocation will survey the habitat characteristics of a prescribed search area (PSA), including substrate type, depth, and water velocity and clarity, in order to select an appropriate  relocation site upstream from the construction site.




Dam Baseline Movements




3BEA is proficient in measuring the impacts that dams have on the surrounding environment, and has the knowledge to provide solutions to limit these impacts.


3BEA was contracted by the City of London to design and carry out a study to assess fish movement pre- and post-construction of the Springbank Dam on the Thames River in Ontario. In the spring of 2006, fish were tracked using radio telemetry to obtain baseline (pre-construction) data, which was compared to post-construction movement data (2008-2010) in order to assess the ecological impacts of the dam construction.




Ontario Wetland Evaluation Study




Environmental impact studies can be performed for both commercial and residential projects taking place in wetlands.  3BEA is fully qualified to perform wetland evaluations following the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES) protocol, developed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to measure the function and value (biological and socio-economic) of wetlands. 


3BEA conducted an environmental impact study for a proposed development located within a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW).  The study included field surveys of flora and fauna and identification of rare species and natural heritage features, with the objective of protecting any sensitive features and mitigating the impacts of the development.



Water Diversion Environmental Assessments




3BEA assesses the implications water diversion can present on habitat, water quality, migration patterns, and species interactions.


In 1998, 2004-2007, and again in 2012, 3BEA provided telemetry assessments on blue suckers in the Colorado River near Austin, Texas, for a water diversion environmental assessment.  Blue suckers were tagged with radio transmitters and their movement patterns were monitored over a 3 year period to determine critical habitat, spawning behaviour, and other variables that may be negatively impacted by the water diversion downstream from Austin. 



Habitat Naturalization and Restorations




3BEA is adept in developing strategies for naturalizing and restoring habitat, to counteract the effects of commercial and residential projects.  We apply our knowledge of wetland, aquatic, woodland and grassland ecosystems to develop innovative, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions.


From 1999-2001, we were recruited by the City of Kitchener to develop a spawning and nursery area for warm-water fish in a local natural area near the Grand River.  We altered a former gravel pit complex into a wetland with naturalized ponds and connected it to the river, to serve as a spawning and nursery area.

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